About us

We would like to draw your attention to our 2nd Danubia Talents International Classical Music event series organised in 2017.

Our goal is to organise informal community-building cultural, educational and entertaining programs, events and competitions here in the Danube valley. The City of Vác has a tradition of memorable charity and tribute concerts and musical events.

For instance the Swiss "Sopranos" Choir visited us next to Dohnányi Award winning Vilmos Oláh, concert master of Hungarian Radio's symphonic orchestra. Dániel Alit Lugosi the winner of Virtuózok competition also gave a concert here to the delight of local music enthusiasts.

In 2016 we organised the 1st Danubia Talents Music Camp for gifted young music lovers, coordinated by renown music educators and artists. The camp's closing event was a series of concerts integrated into the Váci Vigalom festival that – judging by feedback – left a lasting impression in concert visitors.

Following that we organised the 1st DANUBIA TALENTS International Music Competition.

106 entries arrived in the three categories, bringing to Vác outstandingly talented musicians from Hungary and abroad as members of the jury remarked which was composed of masters and artists of renown in Hungary and internationally.

All jury members also acknowledged the smooth organisation of both the competition and the closing concert.

Our events are aimed at the discovery of young talented musicians, also fostering and encouraging their further studies, and the propagation of Hungarian musical traditions amongst Hungarian and foreign participants. Besides that we would like to familiarise participants and visitors alike with the gorgeous Danube Bend and the historic City of Vác, home city to a fair number of outstanding musicians of international significance.

2. Danubia Talents International Music Competition

With the cooperation of the Public Life Assosciation of Vác (Hungary) will be held the 

2. Danubia Talents International Music Competition.

Location: 2600 Vác, Street Zrínyi 39/A. Hungary

Date: 25-29th September of 2017

The aim of the competition is to find talented young musicians, to help their music studies and to energize them. In addition, to present the Hungarian culture and popular musical traditions also to foreigners and Hungarians. Of course, it is an aim to familiarize the specially beautiful Hungarian countryside, the gut of the Danube and the historically important town of Vác.

2. Danubia Talents Master Courses

Danubia Talents invite applications for Musical Master Courses in summer 2017. The courses are open for any talented musicians - students of music schools, high schools, colleges or universities of music in the following instruments: piano, violin, viola, flute - and also for chamber music groups from both Hungary and abroad between 21 August 2017 and 2 September 2017.