Gabriella Adorján pianist

Adorján Gabriella zongoraművész

The Hungarian-Swiss pianist Gabriella Adorján was born in Transylvania and grew up in Budapest. In 1994 she won the Budapest Etüde Competition and the Youth Piano Competition Budapest. In the same year she played live in a broadcast for young talents on the Hungarian Radio.

She was a student of Gyula Kiss and Angelika Hámori at the Szent István Conservatory in Budapest. She studied the piano at the Music Academy Basel with László Gyimesi and Filippo Gamba where she received her master’s degree. She also holds a Specialized Performance Master for Chamber Music, which she received after studying with Ulrich Koella at the Zurich University of Arts.

Between 2006 and 2016 Gabriella Adorján taught at various music schools, among others at the Music Academy Basel. Furthermore, she worked at the Zurich School of Music and Conservatory as an accompanist for the Talent Program. Presently she works at the Music Schools of Hünenberg and Cham.