III. Danubia Talents Liszt International Music Competition ONLINE 2021

Rules for Application

1. The Danubia Talents  Art Association announces an extraordinary edition of the III. Danubia Talents Liszt International Music Competition ONLINE 2021, which will take place through viewing of the videos received by an international jury.

2. Musicians of all nationalities, without age limit will be admitted to the competition.

3.  We announce the competition in two sections:

  • I. - soloist (piano, strings, winds, accordion, guitar, singing), chamber , piano 4 hands, 2 pianos, teacher-student
  • II. - Liszt PERFERMANCE section

4. Candidates will be able to enrol into higher categories of their age if, according to their preparation, they deem it appropriate.
You can subscribe up to all sections

5. Video requirement

  • the video of your performance must not be edited
  • the camera must be fixed to avoid the “shaky hands” effect
  • your face and hands, as well as your instrument, should be clearly seen
  • you should upload your video to YouTube and send us the link to this video
  • you can send every piece in one video, or is possible to assemble more performances in an only video
  • only recordings made in 2020, 2021 will be accepted. Only direct YouTube links will be accepted, we can not accept video files directly sent to us. Please make sure your recordings are not set to "private", so we can access to them.

6. Deadline for application

Deadline for application (including a link to the video) – 1. July 2021

The results of the competition will be announced at www.danubiatalents.com no later than 31. July 2021.

  • The video link must be received along with the application form by 1. July 2021

At the end of the Jury's judgement, the results of each category will be made public on 31. July on the website www.danubiatalents.com and on Facebook page. The absolute winners and the relative scores will be announced. All participants will receive their diploma via email.

7. Program

I. soloist (piano, strings, winds, accordion, singing), chamber, piano 4 hands, 2 pianos, teacher-student - can be chosen freely.

II. Liszt PERFERMANCE section - can be chosen freely from Franz Liszt’s pieces, Liszt transcripts.

We ask every participant to do not overrun the accepted time limite because it will cause points lose in every category.
The jury can decide whether they do not give a price in a category if the competitors performe in a low level.

8. Age categories & Time rules - Section I.

piano, strings, winds, accordion, chamber, piano 4 hands, 2 pianos:

Category Age Playing time
Category A   - 9 years old up to 7 minutes
Category B 10 - 13 years old up to 12 minutes
Category C 14 - 17 years old up to 16 minutes
Category D 18 - no age limit up to 25 minutes


Category Age Playing time
Category A  for students in high schools and music schools up to 10 minutes
Category B for all Bachelor students of universities and music academies up to 15 minutes
Category C for all Master students of universities and music academies up to 20 minutes
Category D for all Young Artists up to 25 minutes

9. Entry Fee, Application fee - I. Section

The application fees are:

Category A 50 EUR
Category B 55 EUR
Category C 65 EUR
Category D 80 EUR

10. Awards, Prizes - I. Section

The absolute winners in every category win the prizes below:

Category A € 100,00
Category B € 120,00
Category C € 250,00
Category D € 700,00

Absolute first prize: (points 99-100) certificate
First prize: (points 95-98) certificate
Second prize: (points 90-94) certificate
Third prize: (points:80- 89) certificate
Honourable mention: (points 70-79) certificate
Participation: (lower than 69 points) certificate

11. The jury reserves the right not to award prizes if no candidate achieve the standard required.
The jury's decisions will be final and not subject to any appeal.

12. Age categories & Time rules - II. Liszt Performance Section

only Liszt pieces, two Categories

Category Age Playing time
Category A   - 17 maximum  17 minutes
Category B 18 - no age limit maximum  30 minutes

13. Entry Fee, Application fee - II. Liszt Performance Section

Category A 65 EUR
Category B 85 EUR

14. Awards, Prizes - II. Liszt Performance Section

Category A I. Prize: 300€
II. Prize: 150€
III. Prize: 100€
Other Prize: Special Mentions, Masterclasses
Category B I. Prize: 1000 € 
II. Prize: 500€
III. Prize: 200€
Other Prize: Special Mentions, Masterclasses

15. The jury is made up of well-known artists from Hungary and other nationality.

12. Registration

The payment of registration fee please transfer to this account number:

EUR Bank Account:

Name: Danubia Talents Art Association, 1091 Budapest, Üllői út 121. Hungary
Bank name, address: Erste Bank Zrt., 1138 Budapest, Népfürdő u. 24-26. Hungary
Bank account number: 11600006-00000000-85001482
IBAN: HU88 1160 0006 0000 0000 8500 1482

Note: Danubia Talents and name/ category/section

The paid fee is non-refundable.

Registration on Application form and please attach:

  • Vocational CV or teacher recommendation,
  • Copy of your ID or Passport
  • For underage candidates, a consensus form, signed by a parent or guardian,
  • Copy of application fee proof of payment.  

Condtition of the apply:

  • Correct fill of  the registration form
  • Documentation of the entry fee

17. Participation fees are non-refundable. If the contestant or his/her official representative, for any reason, withdraw from participation in the contest, the fee will not be returned!

- Who apply incorrectly or we do not receive their application, the fee will not be returned!

Once the application fee is paid it cannot be refunded by any circumstances.

18. The payment reference must contain the wording "Contribution to Danubia Talents Online Competition 2021, the candidate's surname, section and category.

The registration fee is not refundable, with the exception if the competition is cancelled.

In absence of the participation fee, the registration will not be valid and participation will not be guaranteed.

19. Registration procedure

Candidates will be able to register for the competition from March 15, 2021 and no later than July 1., 2021 by filling in the registration form on the website www.danubiatalents.com to complete the registration procedure, follow all the instructions on the form including the upload of the required documents and link.

Any questions sent after the deadline may exceptionally be accepted at the discretion of the Artistic Director.

On the application form, candidates must indicate the author, title and duration of the compositions that will be performed in the video.

Each candidate, by signing the entry form, will renounce all rights, fees and claims regarding such recordings, films and broadcasts.

For underage candidates, a consensus form, signed by a parent or guardian, is required to authorise personal data, photos, audio and video submitted.

20. Candidates, awarded at the International Danubia Talents Online Competition, commit themselves to use the title actually issued by the jury. Any abuse will be prosecuted according to the law.

21. Registration for the Competition implies acceptance of these rules, Competition Administration reserve the right to amend any of the rules or regulations contained herein if it is considered necessary to give proper efficacy to the running of the Competition.

The organizers hold the right for themselves to change the rules if it will be necessary.

These rules are obligatory without any condition.

Every given datas will be handled privately, according to the updated laws.

22. For any dispute, the jurisdiction will be under the Hungarian legislation.