Danubia Talents Nemzetközi Zenei Akadémia 2019/2020

Danubia Talents International Music Academy 2019/2020


Danubia Talents International Music Academy

Students attending “Danubia Talents Music Education”, who are divided into Active students and Auditors, are subject to the following regulations:



Registration is open. Application form and please attach:

  • Vocational CV or teacher recommendation
  • Copy of your ID
  • Copy of Application fee proof of payment

Condition of the apply:

  • Correct fill of the registration form
  • Documentation of the entry fee
  • Diplomas or certificates of musical studies;
  • Send record for voice category

For the Active Students applying at the educational programs Pre-Academy (18y), Bachelor & Master Artist (18+ and post graduates, no age limit), the educational program consists of 11 lessons of one hour each during the academic year from September to July. 

On the application form candidates shall indicate:

  • the chosen educational program
  • the chosen Professor 

Students who – according to the evaluation of the respective instructor/s and of the Artistic Director of the Danubia Talents International Music Academy - excel particularly, will have the possibility of any concerts.


No particular qualifications are necessary for registration; only the application form is required, together with payment of the auditor’s fee.


Recording is prohibited for lessons without professor's permit


All Active students who have attended lessons regularly will be granted attendance certificates. Diplomas of Merit or Honor will get.


All fees must be paid in the exact amount requested.

Bank details:

Name: Danubia Talents Art Assiciation

HUF Bank Account:
Bank name: Erste Bank
Bank account number: 11600006-00000000-84213628
IBAN: HU46 1160 0006 0000 0000 8421 3628

EUR Bank Account:
Bank name: Erste Bank
IBAN: HU88 1160 0006 0000 0000 8500 1482

Note: Danubia Talents Academy and category/section

Any exchange expenses or bank commissions will be charged in full to the student.


This fee is to be paid in its entirety and cannot be refunded if the candidate stops attendance on his own initiative. 

In case the educational program with the chosen professor, during the academic year has been canceled because of force majeure, the students will have to chose another professor in order to continue and finish the educational program until the end of the academic year.

The place and the time of education will be determinate by the choosed Professor.

Education places are Italy, Hungary, Austria, Portugal, China, Japan, Switzerland.

Accompanist fee is 20 euros.


This fee permits auditing of lessons. However, it cannot be refunded in case the student interrupts attendance on his own initiative. 


The registration fee has to be payed and the students need to upload to the website the proof of payment together with the application form.

The participation fee must be payed after have being accepted to the chosen course.

Academy Year:

Pre-Academy participiants:

  • Active: 200 Euro of registration fee + 1300 Euro of participation fee 
  • Auditors: 180 Euro of registration fee + 180 Euro of participation fee

Bachelor & Master Artist:

  • Active: 200 Euro of registration fee + 1300 Euro of participation fee 
  • Auditors: 180 Euro of registration fee + 180 Euro of participation fee

The organizers hold the right for themselves to change the rules if it will be necessary.

The public life association cannot be called to account for any accident and damage during the competition.

These rules are obligatory without any condition.

Every given datas will be handled privately, according to the updated laws.